Welcome to my personal page. My internet name is Lsmjudoka, you might know me from the days I used to actively play TheNinja-RPG, or more recently from making my own game; World of Bleach RPG. I also did martial arts for seven years, specificially Taekwondo and Judo.


I've also been doing computer science for a couple years. I started out learning C++, and took two semesters at a local college. But after a while, I decided to switch to web programming because it is far easier to get the end result to users. A Windows application(or Mac) has to be compliant with a computer, it needs an installer package to make sure the end user gets all the necessary language libraries on their computer(Even simple programs don't contain everything they need to run just inside their code; they rely on libraries your computer already has. Or doesn't, in which case they must be installed), and the user has to download and install it. So there's a lot of work users have to do to even try it out. A web application though, is easy. A user just goes to the designated site, a minute to make an account, and they can play.

I'm currently working on WoB and developing my next project, Legend of the Elements. I'm excited about the potential LoE has -- See the projects page and check out LoE's facebook page for status updates.